The short answer to this query is: No.

Does the atom last forever? The answer is a big yes.

Everything that is alive will die at some time, and non will live, even viruses which are are not technically alive in the first place.

Immortal organisms, stars will also die. But about the really small stuff, atoms. Do they die? Thye are not alive, they can’t die,  but do they somehow cease out of existence, or do they keep existing forever?

The matter is consists of atoms and our universe is made of matter. When we die we will turn into nothings and will break down into constituent parts and will be recycled into our ecosystem, but the atoms making our body will remain for a long time. 

But after a long time what will happen to these atoms. Will they break into nothings? 

Let’s talk in more detail: 

atoms are consist of three particles which are: 

  • Electron
  • Proton
  • Neutron

Atoms have the same number of protons and electrons which make the atom neutral as a whole, while the neutron is a neutral particle and helps in the stability of an atom. But sometimes atoms can gain or lose neutrons, and as a result, become an isotope.

How many types of nuclei are there?

There are two types of nuclei:

  • Light 
  • Heavy

The light is more stable and can not easily break into further small nuclei. However, Heavy nuclei are unstable and can break into smaller nuclei.

The phenomenon of breaking down is called “radioactivity ”. 

When radioactivity occurs the initial number reduced to the final number. We can exactly, know how many atoms will remain after the radioactivity. When radioactivity occurs when half of the atoms remain in the sample, and the time in which half of the decay is called the half-life.

For example, Bismuth-209 has the longest half-life and is billions of times greater than than the current estimated age of the universe. “So for all intents and purposes, Bismuth-209 is basically eternal”.

According to the hypothesis of Georgi–Glashow model, decay into a positron and pion and has a half-life of about 1.29×1034 years

Only two things are infinite,  the universe and the human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former. (Abarahm lincoln)